Maroon is an innovative new restaurant in Herne Hill, offering fine Caribbean and South American fusion dining at reasonable prices. You can take in the unique flavours of this rich culture, and enjoy the wonderful warm atmosphere of our Caribbean restaurant in Herne Hill.

Caribbean and South American cuisines share many similarities due to their shared history and cultural exchange, but they also have unique flavours and ingredients. These can be combined to create unique, exciting and flavourful fusion dishes, which you can sample and enjoy, perhaps for the first time.

 75 Norwood Rd, London SE24 9AA

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Chicken and bean tacos


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Caribbean Restaurant in Herne Hill and Brixton

Unique food

A fusion of South American and Caribbean cuisine our talented chef has curated to provide flavourful meals which cater to a wide range of palates.

Caribbean Restaurant in Herne Hill and Brixton

Warm atmosphere

A sophisticated space filled with imagery of the Caribbean and colours synonymous to Latin America culture. Comforting furnishings to provide the warming atmosphere of the tropics.

Caribbean Restaurant in Herne Hill and Brixton

Community centred

Located at the heart of the community here in Herne Hill, facing the extensive greenery of Brockwell park, a classy space for you to relax, unwind and enjoy each other's company.






 Spicy pan fried shrimp

The people of the Maroons

The Maroons originally escaped slavery in the 1600s and 1700s, and found sanctuary in the less accessible interiors of Caribbean islands and on the mainland in the forests of the coastal areas of South America. They formed free, self-governing communities away from the plantations, raiding them occasionally, and forming alliances with the indigenous people of the Caribbean.

Their independent spirit and skills in survival were legendary, and it is this free spirit that we intend to embody in our cuisine, with unique dishes not found anywhere else in London. Come to our Caribbean Restaurant in Herne Hill and find out for yourself what great flavours you are missing!

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A great place to be

Maroon Restaurant isn't only about the food. It's about the dining experience, the company, the community, and the vibe. There are many restaurants in South London, but we promise you there is only one Maroon.

75 Norwood Rd, London SE24 9AA


 Vegetarian tostadas




Frying plantain


What we offer

  • A wonderful place for a night out with a group of friends, relatives or work colleagues
  • A relaxed space for brunch, relaxing, and starting the day in style
  • Sunday roasts, Christmas dinners, and innovative fusion cuisine
  • Private dining available