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At Maroon, we offer food that you will probably not have tasted anywhere else. While Caribbean and Latin American restaurants are relatively commonplace now, there are only a handful of chefs in the country who have attempted Caribbean and South American fusion cuisine commercially.

Our fusion restaurant in Herne Hill offers a range of beautifully prepared dishes, with the very best ingredients, authentically created by our own knowledgeable chef. Why not book a table here, or email to enquire about hosting a large group.

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The six steps to incredible fusion cuisine

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Herbs and spices

Both Caribbean and South American cuisines use extensive herbs and spices to add flavour to dishes. Some popular herbs and spices include coriander, oregano, cumin, paprika, garlic, and ginger.

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Fruits like lime, lemon, and orange are commonly used in Caribbean and South American cuisine to add acidity and brightness to dishes.

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Peppers of all kinds are used in Caribbean and South American cuisine to add heat and flavour. Scotch bonnet peppers are particularly popular in the Caribbean, while jalapeno and habanero peppers are used in Latin American cuisine.


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Given the proximity to the ocean, both Caribbean and South American cuisine make extensive use of seafood in their dishes. Some popular seafood dishes include ceviche, grilled fish, and shrimp stew.

Illustrated plantain 

Starchy vegetables

Both cuisines use starchy vegetables like yucca, plantains, and potatoes as staples in many dishes. These vegetables can be boiled, fried, or mashed to create a variety of dishes.

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Beans and Rice

Both Caribbean and South American cuisines use beans and rice as a base for many dishes. These ingredients are often flavoured with spices and herbs to create a variety of appetising dishes.




Pan fried prawns with lemon and spices


The perfect marriage – South America and the Caribbean


These two cuisines are very diverse in many respects, with different national dishes for each island, and many cultural divergences too.

However there is a great amount of common ground between the two, which we have blended together here at our fusion restaurant in Herne Hill.